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this page contains some links concerning vinyl, pressingplants, turntables or what ever concerning this fabulous sound carrier.
right now i'm looking for some interesting links like international pressingplants, so if you have, or happen to know a site that might be of interest for this site, don't hesitate and send an e-mail with the address and info.
to make a link to this site use the logo above and link it to
Europe's vinyl pressing plant
tel:+31 23 5511115
fax:+31 23 5511116
sign a petition to save vinyl, click the image !!
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to save vinylcutting !!

For the vinylcollectors among us
Curvepusher Cuttings UK
world's first optical turntable no needle, just a analog laser
world's first needle less turntable
(no joke !!!!)
cut your own records with the vestax cuttingtable
cut your own records with 
this machine (my own site).nl
the official da goose site (my own actually) all info about technics turntables
all info about technics turntables and more
 the one and only Vinyl Record Pressingplant of Switzerland
 aardvark recordmastering denver u.s.a.
build your own your own cuttingmachine (fun)
build your own your own cuttingmachine (more serious)

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