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cd versus vinyl

first of all, this page is not totally serious, i do have a cd-player (i have 5 including a cd-changer in my car and a pitchcontrolled gemini) but let's face it, vinyl is still the real thing if your'e into serious dj'ing / mixing and real analog soundquality.
this page exists for about 2 years now and i still get a lot of response (positive and negative) about it, that;s the reason why i still added this page to this vinyljunk site.
make up your own mind........

da goose

You're Listening 2 Zero's And One's Instead Off Listening 2  Real Sounds... Your'e Listening  To Real Analog Waveforms Which Mean Warmth And Natural Sounds
When You've Scratched  A CD You Can Throw It Away Because you Can't Fix A CD When You Have Scratched a Vinylrecord U Can Sometimes Repair It And Otherwise A Click Can Sound Pretty Cool, And Sometimes You Can Even Use A "Hanger" In Your Mix
When Mixing With CD's you Can't See When A Break Is Comin' Up And Every Part Off a CD Looks The Same, You Can't Even See When A New Track Is Starting, You Can See If There's Anything on the CD itself, but that's it When Mixing A Piece Of Vinyl You Can See Every Little Break, And Those Grooves Look Really Cool, Specially When It Is Your Own Music, You Can See What The Music You've Made actually Looks Like......(Believe Me On That One) 
The Size Of A Cd Is 5 Inch And Will Never Change (OK, There Was A CD Single A Few Years Ago) It simply wont work Vinyl Can Be 7 Inch, 10 Inch And Of course 12 Inch But If You Really Want, Any Size is possible including the size of the label.
A Cd Has To Be Round Or Your CD Player Wont play it Vinyl Can Be Round, Square, Look Like A Guitar, Woman Or Any Way you Want
A CD Is Silver And Sometimes Gold Or Green When It Is A Recordable CD, you  Can Print things On It But one's in the player, the visuallity is gone. Vinyl Can Be Black, White, Green, Transparent, Purple, Red And Ofcourse Be Printed With a Nice Picture Or Other Artwork, And You Can  See It Spinning On You're Turntable While Listening
A CD Is Always Running Inside Out ....................................... (Boring Indead) Use Your Imagination, Make It Run Forwards, Backwards, Make The Tracks Run Next To Each Other, Let Them Meet Each Other In The Middle, Or You Can Make Endless Loops, Or Make Your Needle Fall Of When The Record Ends When Running Backwards, Or........ 
When Mixing a CD you Have To use The Pitch To Make It Run Faster Or Slower when correcting the Mix, sometimes you can Push Buttons (If You're "Lucky" Enough To Have These Buttons) When Mixing Vinyl You Can Correct The Pitch By Hand By Pushing The Speed Up Or By Slowing The Record Down With Your Fingers On The Record Or The Platter It Self, Not By Stupid Buttons
A box of CD's Doesn't Look Cool, So You Have To Carry It All By Yourself Because Nobody Wants To Carry It For You..(Why Should They) A Recordbag Or Case Really Looks Cool, And Everybody Wants To Help You With Carrying Beause They all Want To Look Cool
A CD Box Always Seam To Crash And It's Bad For Nature Because It's Mostly Plastic, And You Can Forget About Fixing It Because The Only Thing You Will Glue Are Your Fingertips, Not The CdBox... (And When It Luckily Worked It Will Break Again Soon) A Record Sleeve Can Be made out Of  Paper Or Carton Which Is A Nature Product (So Is The Vinyl Itself) And When It's Crashed (Which Is Really Hard) You Can Easily Fix It By Adding Some Tape, But Why Should You, A Rough Sleeve Looks great !
A CD Is Always Running At The Same Speed, Some Times You Can Change The Pitch A Bit But That's About It...... Normally A Record Runs At 33.3 RPM Or 45 RPM But Back In The Days You'd Even Had Records Spinning At 78 RPM And Even Some Records And Turntables Did 16 RPM
And You Can  Pitch It Up And Down If U Like
A CD Sounds Clean........ Too Clean And Sounds Are Missing Above 22 Khz
(44.1 KHZ is NOT the output frequency)
Vinyl Sounds Like The Real Thing, And When The Rest Of Your Equipment Can Handle It You Can "Feel" The Sounds Above 22 Khz......
Listen To The Things Missing.............. Wow !!! Did You Hear That Static ???
A CD Collection Doesn't Look That Impressive (CD's Are Small) Believe Me, Everyone Thinks My Record Collection Looks Impressive. And It Ain't That Big At All (about 3000)
When You Try To Bend A CD It Breaks.... I Even Tried It Once Or Twice to get rid of it When You Bend A  Vinylrecord It Doesn't Break That Soon, and when it does it sounds great
BTW ever tryed breaking an aluminium laquer ???
CD's Is Like Watching TV, You Just Flick Through The Channels.An Artist Doesn't Make An Album To Do That... Vinyl LP's Are Better Cause You End Up Listening To The Entire Album, Even If You Didn't Like Some Of The Tracks At First.
You Can't Let Your Cat Spin In A CD Player....
Anyone Tryed It Yet ???
Hopefully not because i'm a Catlover !!!!


Even Cats Like Records Better Then CD'sNo Comment............
A dog wont find a cd if you throw one for him, and he can't find it that easy in the grass because it's to small, and you can't throw it that far as a piece of vinyl. if your dog runs away with your frisby, a record throws quite nicely.
And it ricochet off of a pavement in an excellent way.
Weapon wise,a cd is to small to damage anything, and when you still want to throw it to some person who deserves it he will laugh at you because the edges are to smooth and it wont hurt him. Weapon wise, a records will do more damage when thrown because of their size and because they  typically have a much sharper edge than CD's.
BTW I hate violence ....
A cd is just big enough to cover your'e nose (and in my case it's not even big enough to do that) In case that ugly girl you accidentally slept with the other night in a drunken stuper walks into your club, a record will completely cover your face making it easy for you to hide. 
Everybody has a CD writer these day's so everybody can make his own CD's which means nothing special anymore, and CDR's are messing up the music scene as well !! A lacqer (dubplate) is one of the coolest things in music history, ever seen the faces of people that see you play one at a gig ??
Another point is that it's exclusive, it's really one of a kind, you can't get 2 of 'm in exactly the same way.
A CDR can be played millions of times, but why should you ?? a crowd wont notice if you play a normal CD or a CDR so it ain't cool, and when the burning proces of a CDR is done it stinks. A lacquer wears out after about 25/50 times, so more reason to play at just the best gig's, and that smell of accetate is undescripable.

for those who are still not convinced, here's a story from an audiophile, read his story about the wonderfull world of vinyl against the ugly digitalism of cd, maybe Gary Markowitz serious story can convince you.

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