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okay, here's a "little" story about me and my vinyl addiction.

at a very young age i (jeffrey de gans) got addicted to music and ofcourse, at that age it was just vinylrecords that got me going, simply because there was no cd.
in the beginning i always listened to my sisters records, mostly disco, but later i bought my first lp from the whispers, i was amazed by the looks of the grooves and the sound of the music coming from my dual turntable and schneider amp.
at that time i think i was already amazed by vinylrecords, the way it looks, the way a record rotates on a turntable, the way the high sounds are coming directly from the needle when your ears are very close to the needle and the static, what on earth causes that particular pop or noise when you play a record ?
and then ofcourse the feeling the music gave me, it really made me feel good, sad or whatever mood that music could give you....

then the cd came out, i was amazed that such a small disc could contain so much music in such a good noiseless digital quality.
in the beginning a cd was to expensive for me to buy, i was pretty  young and i wanted to spend all of my money on records (hip hop and house in it's early form) and not on a cd player and the cd's itself, and still i'm glad i didn't bought one back then.
later on i did buy a cd player and some cd's but in some kind of way the music didn't convince me and back then i didn't knew what it was, maybe it was me changing, or the music was not good enough, i really didn't know back then.

i did one good thing, i sold my first cd-player to my brother in law and got back again to vinyl, in  my cd period i didn't stop completely buying vinyl because i also was and still am a dj and records are still better for mixing and most music i buy is still not available on cd.
in some kind of way i started enjoying the music again and i was convinced, cd doesn't sound good, it removes the emotions of music, and that is what music is all about, not good sound quality or noiseless music with every  small detail heard through "perfection", it's the emotion that makes the music.
from that moment on i got truly addicted to vinyl and how it's made, that's the reason for this site actually.

right now i have 2 technics sl 1200 mk2 turntables (which i have for over 10 years now) and 5 cd-players, one in my living room, one pitchcontroled gemini for use in conjunction with my sl 1200's, one in my studio (and a cd-rom and cd-r), a cd-changer in my car and a diskman but i'm still addicted to vinyl.
i make music myself which is released on vinyl and i still think the vinyl version is the real thing when it's finally there, it always sounds much more "alive" then the cd-version that i played in my car or other cdplayers before and it really makes me feel good at that point.
okay, i do play some cd's every now and then, but it still doesn't convince me and it never will, no matter what theory you give me about cd and the limitations of vinyl, i will always stick to vinyl, like i said, it's the emotions that counts, not the sterile "perfect" sound quality of a digital production in what ever form.
nice detail about this, i heard some story's about dvd and it's 24bit quality that it sounds like a vinylrecord, hmmmm... no way..  your still listening to zero's and one's but now there are just more of them, that's the only difference.
another funny detail, some years ago sony wanted to stop producing vinylrecords and so another company took over the sony pressingplant here in the netherlands, since then the pressingplant has never pressed as much vinyl since years, even sony is releasing vinyl again through they're former pressingplant.... poor sony.. ;-)
just one more detail, a big commercial artist (marco borsato) from the netherlands also released his latest album on vinyl again among side the cd-version and it sold really well, especially in the collectors and audiophile scene.

okay, so now you know more about the fact that i love vinyl, what else about me, i was born on the 10th of august 1971, i'm 1:78m, single, grey / blue eyes, brown hair (mostly painted in other colours, some kind of fetish ??) and i live in purnerend, the netherlands.
i make music myself under various distinguishes (check my site about that) and i simply love music, specially techno is my thing but i'm also into other kinds of music if it touches me.
i have about 3000 vinylrecords and i think about 100 cd's and yes, i still buy a lot of vinyl, i love going to second hand record shops and spend lot's of money on second-hand records, i always feel like a happy child when i find one of those records that i was looking for in a long time, but i also buy (and get) a lot of new records from wholesale or usual specialized recordstores.
i don't just buy records for myself but i'm also dj'ing, it's not the main thing i do but it is still quite important for me, and ofcourse i play vinylrecords using 3 turntables.
besides that i also work for a company that sells copiers, faxes and printers, i work there as a field service engineer, funny detail about that, there are digital and analog copiers and personally i think an analog copier makes better copies then the digital machines, and i'm not the only one.
what else can i tell you, well nothing special i guess, i don't want to get to personal you know ?
if you want to know more about me and my music check my other site at, it also has a musical bio and lot's of realaudio and info about my homestudio.

jeffrey "da goose" de gans
20 march 2000

me behind a neumann cuttingtable

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